Looking for the best kid activities in Brisbane, for both the sunny and rainy days? AquaMobile’s got you covered with our list of top 10 Brisbane kids activities!

Here are the Top 10 Brisbane Kids Activities!

Kids Activity #1: The Settlement Cove Lagoon

Looking for a beach without having to deal with beach traffic? The Settlement Cove Lagoon has a beautiful sandy shore with shallow water making it stress-free for your little ones. To learn more about this unique experience, visit their website!


Kids Activity #2: Sea World

Looking for a full day activity for the kids? You can never go wrong with Sea World. With so many activities for children, there’s no doubt why Sea World is so popular for families. Your children will be instantly mesmerized with the dolphins which you can also choose to swim with. To learn more about the Sea World experience or to purchase tickets visit their website.


Kids Activity #3: Streets Beach

Outside of the Central Business District lies the Streets Beach with beautiful white sand beaches along with Lifeguards for safety. Believe it or not, this is Australia’s only man-made beach that’s in a city, which makes it super accessible for everyone in the downtown area. Feel free to call Streets Beach your downtown hustle and bustle escape for some sun soaking with the family.


Kids Activity #4: Where the Wild Things Are

This children’s bookstore is ideal for any child that loves reading. With book clubs and free storytelling sessions for every age group, there’s no doubt that there is something for every child. To learn about future events that are going to take place, visit their website.


Kids Activity #5: Wynnum Wading Pool

For all of those seeking an adventure for the family, Wynnum Wading Pool is the perfect answer because of its shallow water. This whirlpool is also a historical landmark for the city of Brisbane. Wynnum Wading Pool was constructed in 1932 as a retreat, for those suffering during the Great Depression. Over With barbecue areas located around the pool area, bring along a picnic basket and the family for a sun soaking day of fun!


Kids Activity #6: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the largest of its kind in the world. This sanctuary gives you the opportunity to interact with the animals so your little ones can pet and play with the animals they see. Who wouldn’t want to pet a cute little koala or kangaroo?


Kids Activity #7: The Workshops Rail Museum

This museum should definitely be making it on any children’s Brisbane to-do list! This may seem like just your average interactive children’s museum however it is so much more than that. The interactive railway activities allow children to learn the history of where 3,000 railway workers once worked. To learn more about how you can get a free entry, visit their website!


Kids Activity #8: Rocks Riverside Park

In 2011, the Riverside Park was remodeled and is now the perfect destination for children. The man-made watercourse, shallow pools and water spraying from the ground making it the ultimate toddler destination.


Kids Activity #9: Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Only a 15 minute drive away from Brisbane’s Central Business District, the Planetarium is the perfect place for kids to learn about astrology. The Skydome is what wins children’s hearts, where you lay down and observe a 180-degree view of the stars. To plan your trip to the Planetarium, visit their website.


Kids Activity #10: Inflatable World

The Inflatable World is a dream come true for all those kids with ants in their pants. Hop, jump and play around in this inflatable playground! With fun bouncing activities and the velcro wall & cliff drop, there’s something for everyone.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 10 Brisbane Kids Activities as much as we did. Know of any activities we missed? Comment below to share!