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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Are Swimming Pools Safe?

Pools everywhere are closing or are closed due to coronavirus concerns. We’ve compiled research from multiple Health and Local Authorities that clarifies why this is happening, and whether or not swimming is still safe.  For further background on COVID-19, see our article that compiles research on what and how this pandemic started and spread.   Can you […]

What’s the Best Way to Learn the Butterfly Stroke?

The butterfly is a swimming stroke swum on the chest, with both arms moving symmetrically, accompanied by the butterfly kick, also known dolphin kick. While other styles like the breaststroke, front crawl, or backstroke can be swum adequately by beginners, the butterfly stroke in particular is one of the hardest strokes to learn. It requires strength, stamina and a precise technique. […]

Swimming Postpartum – Help Your Body Bounce Back

Snap back to your pre-baby body! Swimming postpartum is a great way to lose weight, restore muscle tone and boost energy levels. Swimming is particularly beneficial because it works your entire body. Plus, it’s a low-impact sport giving your joints relief from the nine months of carrying around extra weight. How Soon Can I Start Swimming […]

Poolside Fashion: Top 3 Swimsuit Trends for 2019

Stay ahead of the curb by checking out what’s new and trending in poolside fashion for the summer of 2019! If you’re feeling your poolside or beach attire is a bit outdated, now’s the time to pick out some new items! One of the most appreciated trends on this list is the swimsuit with sleeves! So […]

Make Swimming Fun with These 5 Tips!

Add some flare to your swimming workouts and make swimming fun again!   1) Equipment Can Make Swimming Fun Fins are just one type of equipment to make swimming fun, but there are a lot of different types of equipment and toys you can use. For example, you can use a pull buoy, either on […]

Genetic Nutrition: The Story Your Genetics Tell About You

Genetic nutrition uses personal genetic information to guide dietary recommendations. These recommendations are more effective at the individual level in contrast to traditional diets. Nutritional genetic research examines the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and health. Scientists are working towards developing a holistic understanding of the body’s response to food on a cellular level. Nutrients from food can […]

How Swimming Benefits Brain Function

Most people know the profoundly positive impact of swimming on the body and heart as an exercise. As an extension of that, swimming also provides additional benefits. Unfathomable benefits, you’ve surely never thought about. Our bodies are fantastical machines, built with systems and processes that work together keeping us alive and functioning. It is of […]

How Swimming Benefits Your Circulatory System

The circulatory system, also known as the cardiovascular system is just one of the major organ systems that regulate our bodies. All of these systems have very specific functions yet, they can’t function independently. Working in tandem, they rely on one another. The circulatory system includes the heart (cardiovascular); lungs (pulmonary); arteries, veins, coronary and portal vessels (systemic). Its main […]

Top 10 Places to Visit Around the World

It’s still winter and you’ve probably been wondering, “what are the top 10 places to visit that isn’t here“. Even though summer is quickly approaching I’m sure most of us are tired of the long and cold winter, right? Are you in need of a vacation but don’t know which places to visit? Whether you’re looking for […]

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