Aqua-Loving Animal Desktop Wallpapers

Here are our favourite water-loving animal wallpapers. Put them on your desktop to brighten your day whenever you glance at your screen!

Wallpaper 1: This adorable Golden-Dachshund mix puppy taking in the view is too sweet! Those fluffy ears will ensure you’re never in a bad mood when you turn on your computer!

AquaMobile Wallpapers Swimming Puppy on Dock

Wallpaper 2: This curious baby seal’s huge eyes are cute enough to melt ice. One look at those whiskers and we’re obsessed. While very cute, this wallpaper reminds us to take care of our arctic wildlife.

AquaMobile Wallpapers Swimming Baby Seal

Wallpaper 3: These fluffy little munchkins are pretty excited for their day at the beach! This group of best friends are following one another to try swimming for the first time!

AquaMobile Wallpapers puppies at the beach
Wallpaper 4: This little ducky is having a quacking good time paddling around the pond! This fluffy guy is enjoying his favourite pastime, swimming of course! Looks like one his first time too!
AquaMobile Wallpapers duck swimming
Wallpaper 5: With the holidays just around the corner, grace your screen with these baby polar bears! Remember to keep our arctic wildlife safe to keep these species from becoming endangered.
AquaMobile Wallpapers Polar Bear Cubs
BONUS Wallpaper: How can you not fall in love with this little face? Penguins are pro swimmers who love to take a dip in the chilly Antarctic waters. *Waddle waddle* This little penguin reminds us to take care of friends up north!
AquaMobile Wallpapers Penguin

Like what you see? Let us know if there are any quotes, themes, or inspirational pictures you would like us to include in our next wallpaper post!