Here is our selection of Aquatic-Themed colouring sheets for your little swimmers and some Holiday-Themed colouring sheets for a festive afternoon. We even included a special bonus colouring sheet for parents! 

Grab your pictures, images, pens, watercolours or whatever you and your little one prefer and get colouring!

We’ve chosen some classic and popular cartoon characters out of your little one’s favourite swimming movies like Finding Nemo and Moana! Have these handy for train rides or long waits in the doctor’s office. These get them excited about art and swimming of course!

Aquatic-Themed Coloring Sheets

Source: Color Nimbus

Surfs up with Minnie Mouse and this excited dolphin!

Source: Coloring 4 Kids

This Finding Nemo colouring page will make your little swimmer want to dive into the pool!

Source: Mom Junction

A turtle and fish sure love one another!

Source: Dover

Check out this detailed page for a good challenge!

Source: Coloring Kids

Make a splash by colouring this cute picture of Finding Nemo’s Squirt the turtle!

Source: Home Made Interest

Where are Dory’s friends? Help find them while colouring in the picture!

Source: Sasaki

Moana is a swimming movie that’s great for colouring and watching again and again!

Holiday-Themed Coloring Sheets

Source: Coloring Kids

It looks like this little penguin is looking for something sweet!

Source: AZ Coloring

Get in the mood for winter with this festive snowman!

BONUS Coloring Sheet for Parents!

Colouring books are beneficial for adults on a mental, emotional and intellectual level. You can use them as a substitute for meditation. Read more here!

Moms and dads, take a break from your day and enjoy colouring time with your kids or by yourself!

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Give us your feedback! What are some of your favourite colouring sheets?