What’s your favourite beach in Sydney? That’s a hard question because choosing one is a challenge. So let AquaMobile help you pick out a gem from the New South Wales coastline with our list of the best Sydney beaches!

#1 Best Beaches in Sydney: Bondi Beach

The convenient location, righteous waves and extensive shoreline make Bondi Beach a top pick. Around the beach, you will find attractions, cafes, boutiques and a variety of water sports. The deep blue water and soft white sand make sure your trip to this beach is unforgettable.

Let’s talk surfing! If you are just learning, you are in luck! This beach has calm waters that are perfect for beginners, but always remember to be safe. AquaMobile suggests that you find an instructor from an accredited surf school. For a real challenge, check out South Bondi Beach where the waves cross over a reef!

#2 Best Beaches in Sydney: Bronte Beach

This hidden gem of a beach isn’t necessarily Sydney’s most popular, but most people know about it. Among the suburbs is this fun beach that is fun for the whole family! Bronte Beach and the park has amazing coastal views and several cafes close by. There is also a picnic and BBQ area, playground, public showers and bathrooms if you want to make a day trip here. 

Additionally, Bronte is only just over a kilometre’s walk to Bondi and is connected to a boardwalk. The sparkling white sands give the area the tropical feeling that we love! If you choose to surf, know that bulky clusters of rocks can make it challenging. Swimmers should be careful as well.

#3 Best Beaches in Sydney: Avalon Beach

Come on over to Avalon Beach for a bit of rest! Because of its more isolated location, you will not see as many people here. However, you will still feel the crunch of sand between your toes and take in some stunning sunsets!

There is also some history behind the beach. Avalon was named after the island of the same name in Celtic language mythology. It’s no wonder Baywatch relocated to this beach in the late 1990s. As one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, who wouldn’t want to visit it!?

#4 Best Beaches in Sydney: Coogee Beach

Bring your family over to this beach that tops our list by a long shot! The water is known to be safe for all ages. So even the little ones will enjoy their time at this beach regardless of what activity you choose!

Scuba diving and snorkelling are the most popular things to do at this beach. Get up close and personal with the variety of tropical fish that live beneath the water. The clear waters make it easy to see the many creatures that call the beach home. Check out Pro Dive Experience (Scuba Diving) for all of your snorkelling needs!

#5 Best Beaches in Sydney: Manly Beach

Take a ferry ride to reach this tropical beach destination! It is a little longer than driving, but the view will surely blow you out of the water! Manly Beach is one that swimmers and surfers will not want to miss out on. Its natural beauty and history make it one to remember. 

Manly Beach held the first world surfing championship in 1964. The Offshore submerged reef or bombora make the waves super crazy. It’s no wonder so many surfers flock to the area where the waves come off the Queenscliff headland. Shelly Beach is close by for snorkelers, divers and those wanting to have a bbq or picnic. So whatever your beach needs are, Manly Beach has them covered!

Looking for great locations to swim worldwide? Check out this article on the “6 Best Locations to Swim Around the World“. Know of any other best beaches in Sydney that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!