Looking for some of the best beaches in Sydney? Whether you’re a Sydney-sider looking to go for a dip after work, or a travelling beach bum, be sure to make time to visit these top beach destinations on the breathtaking NSW coastline! Aquamobile’s got you covered with this list of the best Sydney beaches!


#1 Best Beaches in Sydney: Bondi Beach

There’s a reason why Bondi Beach is so popular. Known for its ideal location, surf history, and clear shores, it’s the perfect swimming and  beach day destination. Being one of Australia’s most famous beaches it’s a host to many attractions, cafe’s, boutiques, and water related activities. It’s crystal clear blue water and white sand beach won’t let you regret your decision to spend a day with the family on its beautiful shores! (Swim & Surf Tip: When at Bondi Beach, surfing is a must! The Bondi Beach surf can be perfect for beginners due to tame conditions, but the conditions can change quickly so safety is paramount! Self-learning is possible when it comes to surfing, but be aware of surfing etiquette and observe safety rules. Ideally, here at AquaMobile we suggest that you take lessons from a surfing instructor at an accredited surfing school. If you’re experienced and like the challenge of a big swell, head down to South Bondi Beach where the waves are very powerful due to crossing a reef!)

#2 Best Beaches in Sydney: Bronte Beach

This might not be Sydney’s most popular beach but it is definitely one of Sydney’s most well-recognised beaches. Located in Sydney’s suburbs, it is the city’s best recreational beach making it an ideal destination for the entire family! Bronte beach and park boasts great coastal views and a bustling café strip. Amenities nearby include a large picnic and BBQ area, playground, and public showers and toilets – perfect for families wanting to enjoy a summer picnic. Bronte is just over a kilometre’s walk south of Bondi, and they are even connected by a board walk – so if you’re looking for less hustle and bustle it’s probably a good choice for you. With white sands, and a white sand beach atmosphere whats not to love? (Swim & Surf Tip: The beach itself faces east and picks up swell from any direction, but bulky headlands to the north and south and clusters of underwater rocks make conditions challenging, and potentially dangerous for swimmers. Confident board riders only!)

#3 Best Beaches in Sydney: Avalon Beach


Looking for the ideal, calm weekend getaway? Look no further than Avalon Beach! Located on the outskirts of Sydney makes this one of the most beautiful and less commercialised beaches. Its golden sand, crystal blue water, and remarkable sunsets will win your heart over instantly. Historically, Avalon was named after the mythical Avalon, a legendary island in Celtic language mythology. According to legends, Avalon was an earthly paradise and the final resting place of King Arthur. That’s also probably why Baywatch producers decided to relocate to film at Avalon Beach in the late 1990’s. Definitely one of the top Sydney beaches and possibly one of the best beaches in the world! Definitely a gorgeous Australian beach, this one wins our hearts in the best Australian beaches category by a long shot!

#4 Best Beaches in Sydney: Coogee Beach

Looking for the perfect beach day for the entire family? Coogee beach is definitely a winner and tops our list of best beaches in Sydney! It is one of the top beaches in Sydney because of its popularity among families and it’s safe water conditions. The large white sand beach leaves you and your family with plenty of space for so many activities! Popular activities at Coogee beach are scuba diving and snorkelling, which allow you to get up close and personal with all manner of marine life. The crystal clear waters are home to lots of beautiful and exotic fish, and a fascinating variety of other sea creatures! All of your scuba and snorkelling needs can be addressed right in Coogee with Pro Dive Experience (Scuba Diving).

#5 Best Beaches in Sydney: Manly Beach

One of the most memorable experiences about this beautiful beach destination is the ferry ride to get there. This would definitely be the ideal weekend beach trip. The ferry ride takes slightly longer than driving but is worth the time and the view! If you’re looking for something the entire family will enjoy, don’t miss out on Manly Beach; one of the best beaches in Sydney! Manly Beach is one of Australia’s most famous surfing beaches since the first world surfing championship was held here in 1964. With the best of both worlds the northern end of the beach is provides waves prized by top surfers worldwide. An offshore submerged reef, or bombora is what makes these waves off the Queenscliff headland such a surfers delight. A short stroll away you’ll find yourself at Shelly Beach, a sheltered area popular for snorkelling, diving, barbecues and picnics. So whether you’re looking for a challenging surf, or a family fun zone, Manly Beach is right for you!

Looking for great locations to swim worldwide? Check out this article on the “6 Best Locations to Swim Around the World“. Know of any other best beaches in Sydney that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!