Looking for some fun things to do with your family this summer in Melbourne Australia? Here’s a list of the best family activities in Melbourne for you to look through:

Funfields Amusement Park

Funfields is the perfect family activity destination for a warm and sunny day! Its filled with refreshing water activities to cool down from the hot weather, like splash pads and water features. You can also enjoy non water related activities like roller coasters and amusement park games. To purchase tickets visit their website!

St. Kilda Beach

St. Kilda Beach is considered one of the city’s cleanest beaches. The best part about visiting St. Kilda beach is the variety of family friendly activities in the city’s vicinity. Walking around the area that is packed with restaurants, shops and plenty of activities will fill up your entire day. Taking a swim in the ocean or visiting a couple of shops is a guaranteed hit for the whole family! Visit St. Kilda’s website for more information!

Healesville Sanctuary

If you’re looking to mix it up Healesville Sanctuary is for you! This zoo has only native Australian animals such as Emus, Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats etc. To plan your visit to this one of a kind sanctuary, visit their website.

Seville Water Play Park

The Seville Water Play Park is the ideal sunny day activity for your little ones. It is crucial to getting children accustomed to the water starting at a young age. Lucky for you, this water play park is the perfect safe place to do so! Want to find out more about this play park? Check out their website.

Trees Adventure Glen Harrow Park

Up for an adventure? The Trees Adventure Glen Harrow Park is Victoria’s first rope course that has 7 different levels making it practical for the entire family. This ranks in the top for the best family activities in Melbourne, since it really caters to the whole family. With children’s tickets priced at only $25, it makes it an affordable, all-day activity. Enjoy the beautiful weather on a beautiful large estate with all the kids, but don’t forget the bug spray! Visit their website to learn more or to purchase tickets.

Wonderland Junior

Appealing to the youngsters, this amusement park is great for your little ones. It surely isn’t an amusement park if you’re looking for crazy & scary roller coasters but it’s definitely the perfect destination if you’re just looking for some mild rides and fun things to do with you family. To learn more about their attractions and rides visit their website.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best family activities in Melbourne! If it’s beaches you’re looking for instead, check out our post on the Best Beaches in Sydney, Australia. Know of any other family-friendly activities to do outdoors in Melbourne? Comment below!