Choosing the right goggles can make the difference between a relaxing, enjoyable swim and a painful, uncomfortable experience. Here are our tips on choosing the best swimming goggles for you:

Before we get into the best swimming goggles we need to go over:


Types of Goggles

Gasket Goggles are the most commonly used swim goggles. This classic design suctions around the swimmer’s eyes for a snug fit that make them great for either swimming laps or playing in the pool. Depending on personal preference, they can be purchased in a silicon or foam material, with silicon being most typical. Gasket goggles come in both oval shapes, which are better on those with smaller faces, and round shapers for those with larger or rounder faces.

Swedish goggles are similar to the gasket goggles, except instead of suctioning around the eyes, these goggles fit right onto the eye socket. Swedish goggles are popular for competitive swimming because of their high quality design and functionality. These goggles need to be customized to fit the swimmer allowing the wearer to obtain the best fit possible.

Swim Masks are commonly used for recreational swimming. The wide frame allows the swimmer to have more visibility through the goggles in the water – great for snorkeling on vacation or diving for toys in the pool. Children often wear them because they are easy to put on and are comfortable on children’s faces.

Types of Goggle Lenses

The color of goggle lenses is another factor to consider when picking goggles. Certain colours are more useful for certain settings.

  • Amber lenses – are best for visibility in both low and high light settings, such as indoor swimming pools or outside pools in the bright sunlight.
  • Clear lenses –  allow for maximum visibility.  These types of lenses work well for indoor pools and settings with less light.
  • Mirror lenses – are ideal for situations with high light levels. These lenses reflect the light away from the swimmers eyes. Mirror lenses are often used for competitions and outdoor swimming.
  • Prescription lenses – are ideal for those who wear glasses. These lenses can be custom made for customer depending on their prescription.


Our Recommendation for the Best Swimming Goggles:

For most recreational swimmers, we recommend starting with a well-fitted, comfortable pair of gasket goggles.

The Fit of Your Goggles

  1. To test the fit, place the goggles against your eyes. If there is suction against your face then the goggle are a good fit. Goggles should fit tightly around the eyes without being painful.
  2. The purpose of the strap is to ensure goggles stay on while swimming. The strap should fit comfortably around the head and wrap near the eyes. It can be helpful to have someone adjust the goggles around your eyes for you.

It really depends on whether you will be swimming indoors or outdoors. If you will be swimming both indoors and outdoors, amber lenses provide a happy medium.


Tips for Taking Care of Your Swimming Goggles

To extend the wearable life of your goggles, make sure to follow these tips:

1)     Rinse goggles in cool water to remove chlorine, salt, or sand

2)     Don’t rub the inside of the lenses – this may cause scratches

3)     Lay goggles flat to dry away from the sun to avoid the silicon in the goggles from drying out

Overall, choosing swim goggles depends on what you’re using them for. Make sure you try on various pairs to find out which are the best swimming goggles for you before making a purchase so that you’ll be sure they are comfortable and functional!

We hope you’re able to find the best swimming goggles for you after reading this guide! Let us know which goggles worked best for you in the comments below!