Summer is on its way! Why not cool off in the pool with some fun games? Whether you’re in your backyard or at a community centre or resort, a pool is the perfect place to play. Get a head start on planning your summer fun this year. AquaMobile brings you popular swimming pool activities that are fun for the whole family.

1. Marco Polo

What You Need: 3+ players

Safety Rules: Make sure to play this game in shallow water. This is especially important when playing with young children.

Games Rules: This classic pool game resembles a game of hide and seek in the water. One player is “it” or Marco. This player must close his or her eyes and try to find the other players. When “it” yells “Marco,” other players must call back “Polo!” Then “it” can try and find them based on sound. In the end, whoever is touched by “Marco” becomes the next person to be “it.”

2. Pool Volleyball

What You Need: A volleyball net, a volleyball and 2+ players

Safety Rules: This is a game that’s best played in the shallow end because it’s fairly physically demanding. Consider using a soft ball like a beachball when playing with children younger than age 10.

Game Rules: Teams can have up to 6 players each. How many players comes down to the size of the pool. This game is played the same as volleyball on dry land. Play for points if you’re feeling competitive or just enjoy a fun time with family and friends!

3. Diving for Treasure

What You Need: Items that will sink in the water, but are still fairly light

Safety Rules: Have an adult nearby to supervise this game because it does involve diving underwater. Also make sure that children playing have good swimming ability and can hold their breath underwater.

Rules: This game can be played individually or as a team. Players are timed using a stopwatch as they dive to reach the items underwater. The player or team that grabs that most objects when time is up wins!

4. Water Races

What You Need: Pool noodles, water wings, body board or any other floatation device

Safety Rules: Remember that this game requires crossing the pool from one end to the other. This means swimming in shallow and deep water.

Game Rules: Using any of the listed flotation devices, have a race in your pool. Swim any way you want and participate in a friendly competition. 

5. Piranha Ball

What You Need: A beach ball

Safety Rules: Remain in the shallow to make it easier for kids to move around.

Games Rules: All players stand in a circle during this game. The beach is released into the circle. Players have to avoid getting touched by the ball. If a player touches it, he or she is eliminated from the game.

AquaMobile Tips & Recommendations:

Encourage a safe and positive swim environment while playing pool games:

  • Have adult supervise games from outside of the water
  • Give everyone a chance to play
  • Incorporate proper swimming skills and techniques into games

Finally, the most important thing to remember is to have fun!