Keep cool with some of these awesome water sports this summer! Our list of 7 Water Sports to Try in Australia is great for beginners and thrill-seekers alike. Trying some of these out with your family is a must this summer!

Water Sports #1: Wakeboarding

Australia is home to a variety of wakeboarding competitions including the Australian Nationals. So set sail and ride the waves on the shores of the deep blue lakes. Wakeboarding on a lake is recommended because beaches can have strong currents and waves. Where do you go? Well, check out this website to find the best places to catch a wave. There are also a variety of locations to buy equipment no matter where you are!

Water Sports #2: Surfing

With so many wonderful beaches around, Australia is the perfect place to shred across the waves! Surfer’s Paradise has the sport’s name in the title, so head over to the Gold Coast to try it out. No matter what your skill level is, paying for a visit to the beach of the same name is worth it. Remember to check the water and beach conditions to surf safely this season. The link leads you to a site dedicated to surfing!

Water Sports #3: Snorkeling

Dive underneath the waters of Australia’s ocean to see some amazing reefs. They are all very colourful and are home to their very own ecosystems. All you need is a snorkel set and some fins to discover what underwater has to offer. It is safe to do so in calm and shallow waters. So bringing the family along is never a problem. The Australian Geographic website provides information about the best spots to do some diving!

Water Sports #4: Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is slowly becoming one of the most popular water sports. Learn this rewarding water sport in Australia where you have a balance on the always moving water. It can be hard when you first start, but a half-hour lesson can keep you on your feet. Want to try this water sport out for yourself? Follow this paddleboarding advice to become the best you can be!

Water Sports #5: Jet Skiing

When you get on a jet ski for the first time, you will feel like you are flying across the water. Renting one can be on the pricey side, but riding one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Always pay attention to your surroundings and wear a lifejacket when riding this fancy contraption. Here are some prices and tips about riding a jet ski!

Water Sports #6: Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is more physically and mentally demanding than snorkelling. However, with the right training, you will be exploring Australia’s depths in no time. If you are brave enough, check out the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, which is the largest of its kind in the world. Take an underwater camera with you to snap some memories, but hold onto it tightly. Click here to learn more about water temperature, visibility and the creatures that live at the Great Barrier Reef!

Water Sports #7: Flyboard Adventures

You might want to avoid flyboarding if you are scared of heights! Flyboarding has you attach a device to your feet that create water pressure to launch you into the sky. This extreme water sport is one that you should always be careful doing. Wear the appropriate safety equipment, fly after having lessons and participate with trusted program providers. Gold Coast is the place to be when trying it for the first time. Book your first flyboard adventure here!

What water sports are a must for you in Australia!? Let us know in the comments below!