Add some flare to your swimming workouts and make swimming fun again!

1) Equipment Can Make Swimming Fun

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Fins are just one type of equipment to make swimming fun, but there are a lot of different types of equipment and toys you can use. For example, you can use a pull buoy, either on its own or with fins! Fins help propel you through the water so you swim faster. This is particularly useful when you need to work on your stroke technique so you don’t tire yourself out so quickly. The speed you get from fins isn’t just practical – it’s super fun to swim around at this new fast speed. Try it out!

2) Routine Switch-Up

Don’t keep to the same routine, it’s important to have variation in your workouts to keep it fresh. Routine is nice – to an extent. At one point routine becomes at risk of becoming mundane. We all need a boost of morale and motivation to keep us going – to keep us coming back for more. And of course, that’s something you want out of your workouts. You want to feel motivated and rewarded.

3) Self-development

Learn a new stroke, kick, dive or improve upon your technique!

4) Side Challenge

Add fun side challenges like holding your breath for longer underwater! Work on expanding your lung capacity as a side challenge. This is a great way to spend time in the pool that doesn’t necessarily involve swimming, say, if you’re tired from doing laps. You can expand your lung capacity by doing different underwater endurance activities. This aspect makes swimming fun because there are a lot of games you can play underwater that test and push your limits. Let your inner kid out with these endurance games.

5) Diving!

Practice your dives! Who doesn’t love diving? Diving can be a fun activity to add to regular lap routine or swim training. Arms too tired after laps? Hop out and just do some dives. you can practice shallow dives and deep dives, heck, even do some canon balls!