On a hot summer’s day when the sun is shining, there’s only one type of party on kids’ minds – a pool party! However without proper precautions, a pool party may not turn out to be the slam-dunk you anticipated. Don’t worry, we’re going to share some pool party ideas and some tips on throwing a fun, safe and memorable party.

1. Hire a Certified Lifeguard

Having plenty of adults at the party does not exempt you from getting a lifeguard. Having at least one person who is entirely focused on watching over the pool and its patrons is very important! Drowning people can only struggle on the surface of the water from 20 to 60 seconds before submersion occurs. Dr. Pia says drowning doesn’t look like drowning and described the response you should take. These are 7 drowning statistics you probably didn’t know about. Stay informed and prepared. AquaMobile provides certified lifeguards that are trained in First Aid and CPR and come prepared to minimize the risk of pool related incidences and act quickly in case of an emergency.

2. Have Extra Sunscreen and Towels

It’s not uncommon for kids to arrive unprepared for the party – don’t be caught off guard! Having extra towels and sunscreen will help ensure all kids end the party on a high note – nice and dry and free from sunburns.

3. Plan Ahead to Ensure the Water is Warm

If some kids can’t handle colder water temperatures, you could find yourself with a number of kids standing around with nothing to do, or even worse, wanting to run around and cause a mess inside your house! A safe range for a warm pool is 84-88F.

4. Know the Swimming Abilities of Each Child

Having the lifeguard know which children need more attention is extremely important and will help him/her provide you and the children with the best possible service.

5. Have a Variety of Toys

pool party ideas

Kids love toys! The last thing you want at a busy party is kids fighting over a single toy. It’s always better to have variety and extras available. Some kid approved favorites: pool noodles, inflatable balls and floating animals, air mattresses and diving rings/sticks.

6. Host Games

If things are slowing down, setting up a friendly game with the kids could easily perk things up. Some fun game ideas are Marco Polo, noodle races and diving for rings/prizes. Prizes are a sure-fire way to ensure the involvement of the kids! Even if the prizes are small. We also have a list of unique swimming pool games your kids will love!

7. Provide Plenty of Snacks

Splashing around in the pool and playing games will definitely make kids hungry! Prepare some good party foods like veggies and dip, chips, cookies and granola bars. If you will be barbecuing, don’t forget to include a vegetarian or non-red meat option.

Let us know how your pool party went! Got any other pool party ideas? Let us know in the comments below!