A day at the beach is never dull! Whether you are sun tanning or swimming around in the ocean, a day trip is definitely a must. What do you need to get into the water and look good? An awesome-looking swimsuit of course! Swimsuits have undergone a huge transformation over the years and we are glad they did!

Bulky and heavy fabrics were all the rage in the early 1900s. While today’s looks more refined and functional. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and learn about the evolution of swimsuits!

Swimsuits Of The 1910s

The early 1900s are not a time that was recognized for fashion or swimsuit designs. Women’s swimsuits in the 1890s and early 1900s were all about modesty. Most of the body was covered and suits looked more like dresses than bathing suits. Made from heavy materials like wool and cotton, it was not exactly comfortable for women to go swimming.

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of swimsuits and pioneer Annette Kellerman

Then a woman named Annette Kellerman came along. She pioneered the more form-fitted style of swimwear that we see today. Her one-piece swimsuit made it easier for women to move around the water. Additionally, this impacted swimming fashion for decades to come.

Swimsuits Of The 1920s

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in the 1920s

When the roaring 20s came along, swimsuits started to change. Long dress swimwear was gone and replaced with form-fitting one-piece swimsuits! A little more revealing for the time, women’s swimwear was free of sleeves and socks. However, there were still restrictions about how much skin could be shown. Swimsuits were not allowed to be shorter than 6 inches above the knee.

Swimsuits Of The 1930s

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in 1930

One-piece swimsuits were still a favourite by the time the 1930s arrived. The style’s popularity spawned many variations. The backless romper style was the latest trend and was a part of bringing swimsuits to another level in fashion. These suits were both functional and stylish.

Swimsuits Of The 1940s

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in 1940

In the 1940s, one-piece swimwear continued to dominate beaches around the world. However, over time, styles started getting shorter and spaghetti straps started rising in popularity. Most of the swimwear at the time was corset-style and in 1946, French engineer, Louis Reard, introduced the bikini!

Swimsuits Of The 1950s

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in 1950

Swimsuits started to push boundaries in the 1950s. The bikini was quickly gaining popularity and more women began to gain confidence with their bodies and image. Women at the beach started to show this. Form-fitting one-pieces were joined by high-waisted bottoms and bikinis. Women could finally express themselves more through swimwear. Pop culture icons such as Marilyn Monroe popularized revealing styles and fashion of the time reflected this.

Swimsuits Of The 1960s

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in the 1960s

The 1960s marked a cultural shift. The free-spirit attitude took pop culture by storm from music to fashion. Modesty became part of the past and showing off skin was the new normal. Bikinis dominated the beaches and women were free to wear what they liked without restriction.

Swimsuits Of The 1970s

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in the 1970s

By the time the 1970s came around, designers started to get more creative. The “no-restrictions attitude of the ‘60s continued. Different colours, styles and cuts are a few of the things that the fashion industry started to experiment with.

Swimsuits Of The 1980s

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in the 1980s

Bright neon colours and high-waisted styles screamed the 1980s! This era was all about being bright and in your face. With fitness quickly rising in popularity, everyone started using swimsuits to show off their hard work at the beach. The swimsuits of this period are hard to miss.

Swimsuits Of The 1990s

The ‘90s continued the high-waisted look. Bright neon colours overstayed their welcome by the time the next decade rolled around. Shows like Baywatch revived the one-piece look and added a 90s twist. This is another reason why so many people started running in slow motion across the beach in red bathing suits!

Swimsuits Of Today

AquaMobile Swim presents the evolution of the swimsuit in the 2000s

So what is popular today!? Now almost any style goes whether you want to dress up or dress down on the beach. It’s all about being comfortable with what you are wearing! In modern times, designers and consumers are taking inspiration from many eras. Whether you take the style of the ‘40s and mix it up with the colour palette of the ‘80s, you can look great! For tips on the best swimsuit material, check out our blog article here!

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