As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas! From trucks to cowboy hats, Texans love to make an impression. If you love living large, you will most definitely love basking in some of these amazing pools. Remember the bigger pool, the bigger the price tag. Despite how expensive these homes are, we can still look at some of the most extravagant Houston pools!


A dip in this pool will remind you of a trip to a lagoon. There is an attached hot tub to relax and indulge in as well. The premium rock decking surrounds the pool. It’s also home to the pool’s tiered-rock waterfall. Found in the Houston suburb of Baytown, this backyard is sure to attract a crowd for some pretty impressive barbecues!


Get a taste of Hawaii and its relaxation in this paradise oasis located in a backyard! Soak in the salty air of the Pacific in this U-shaped pool that looks like it would be at home in a five-star hotel. Palm trees circling the property add to the tropical feel of swimming in this pool. The detached hot tub and granite deck are sure to make the neighbours pretty envious!


More than simply the sunlight lights up this backyard pool. With an ideal length for laps, this pool looks like a nice space to exercise or cool off. The chic above-water jets also add to the immersion of being at an oasis. The white premium structure around the pool also adds a whole new level of luxury! 


One word: WOW! Indoors and lit by vintage-style chandeliers hanging from a full ceiling skylight, this swimming pool feels like a museum. Everything looks so delicate and beautiful that it would be scary to touch anything! There is a poolside dining table, a large balcony and a marble pool deck. Judging by the looks of this place, it is designed for elegant gatherings, not wild pool parties!


Nestled next to Carlton Woods in The Woodlands is a backyard that blurs the boundaries between natural wildlife and luxury modern living. There is a large pool that’s meant for exercise and a smaller one for sitting and relaxing in. There are also plenty of beautiful Texas sights to take in when sitting in either of the pools. The property also connects to the Nicklaus Signature golf course. This is for when you get tired of the pool or want something to do before going for a dip.


Tucked away on the edge of Bayou Woods in Houston is this modern home. It’s complete with a backyard fit for a king or queen! Although it’s a little on the small side, what surrounds this pool makes up for it. The homeowner makes up for that with a detached hot tub and connected kiddie pool. Anyone would envy the swim instructor who gives private swimming lessons at this house!


Although we have looked at plenty of luxury homes so far, this one might be the fanciest in Texas. The pool was custom designed and has plenty of space, which the family or maybe even… your extended family can enjoy. Drying off afterwards is far from being a problem as well. Why dry off next to a regular bonfire? This backyard has its very one outdoor fireplace that will warm anyone up in minutes!


If you ever wondered what a private lazy river looks like, here it is! This $150,000 installment is as elaborate as you can get in your backyard. There is an exclusive pool slide as well as an attached waterfall and two bridges that connect to the island hot tub. No stone was left unturned when it came to this design. Welcome to a backyard paradise!


The backyard’s ambiance adds a whole other layer to this gorgeous outdoor pool. This is the biggest pool on our list. It’s so huge that it almost qualifies as a small lake. It also has the look of one down because the water is a tranquil deep shade of blue. There is also a river at the back of the property. This is ideal for getting in touch with nature!


The Robert Dame Estate has a massive pool. You might want to bring your limbo bar and grab a refreshing drink from the tiki bar! There is also an attached kiddie pool and hot tub hidden behind a rushing waterfall. This home could easily be attached to a Cancun world-class resort. One thing that Texans have right is bigger is always better!