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What is Coronavirus and How is it Spread?

As the world deals with the constantly evolving global pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), it is important to know the scientific facts about what the world is dealing with, and if swimming pools are safe. We’ve compiled helpful information from over a dozen Health Authority notices and Scientific Papers related to if Coronavirus can spread through water […]

What’s the Best Way to Learn the Butterfly Stroke?

The butterfly is a swimming stroke swum on the chest, with both arms moving symmetrically, accompanied by the butterfly kick, also known dolphin kick. While other styles like the breaststroke, front crawl, or backstroke can be swum adequately by beginners, the butterfly stroke in particular is one of the hardest strokes to learn. It requires strength, stamina and a precise technique. […]

Swimming Postpartum – Help Your Body Bounce Back

Snap back to your pre-baby body! Swimming postpartum is a great way to lose weight, restore muscle tone and boost energy levels. Swimming is particularly beneficial because it works your entire body. Plus, it’s a low-impact sport giving your joints relief from the nine months of carrying around extra weight. How Soon Can I Start Swimming […]

Make Swimming Fun with These 5 Tips!

Add some flare to your swimming workouts and make swimming fun again!   1) Equipment Can Make Swimming Fun Fins are just one type of equipment to make swimming fun, but there are a lot of different types of equipment and toys you can use. For example, you can use a pull buoy, either on […]

Genetic Nutrition: The Story Your Genetics Tell About You

Genetic nutrition uses personal genetic information to guide dietary recommendations. These recommendations are more effective at the individual level in contrast to traditional diets. Nutritional genetic research examines the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and health. Scientists are working towards developing a holistic understanding of the body’s response to food on a cellular level. Nutrients from food can […]

4 Reasons Why Swimming is Considered One of the Hardest Sports

Competitive swimmers typically train twice a day, six days a week. Swimmers live and breathe swimming, but it’s not just the intensive training that makes it one of the hardest sports. Swimming, one of the hardest sports? A lot of you reading this might be vehemently disagreeing – or at least skeptical. In the sports […]

4 Swimming Benefits for Kids

Swimming benefits children greatly as they begin to develop. These developmental benefits are mental and social. Not only is swimming therapeutic, it builds a sense of self and confidence. It teaches children persistence,  perseverance and social values. Additionally important is the development of a healthy attitude towards health and fitness.   What are the swimming […]

How to Tone Your Stomach with Swimming!

Want to tone your stomach the fun way? Swimming around will always be more appealing than doing crunches on the floor. So trade your runners for your swimsuit. Swimming is such an awesome form of exercise because it’s a full body workout that doesn’t make you feel like you’re working out. Learn what makes swimming […]

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