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5 Helpful Beach Hacks For Your Next Trip!

What’s better than a fun day at the beach? We all love laying out in the sun and playing in the water, but it can get a little messy. We’ve been there before, everything is soaking and covered in sand at the end of the day. You’ll never have to worry about those things again. […]

Best Places to Swim in Los Angeles

With year-round sun and surf weather, California is the perfect place to get some much needed R&R. One area in particular boasts some of the best attractions and beaches that California has to offer- Los Angeles. From the coastlines of Malibu to the docks of Redondo, the beaches are plenty! If you’re looking for a more […]

Best Water Parks In North America

Can you believe it? It’s already the last month of summer vacation! Before you remind your kids that they’ll be going back to class in a couple weeks, plan a final summer send off. What better way to do that than to take them to a water park! Splash around, ride down some slides, and catch […]

How Swimming and Water Polo Gave Me The Confidence To Excel

nikolina mihajlovik hartwick water polo swimming

AquaMobile’s Athlete Spotlight: Nikolina Mihajlovik Name: Nikolina Mihajlovik Age: 21 School: Hartwick College, Nursing Sport: Women’s Water Polo – Ranked 15th of Division 1 NCAA League Motto: “If it was easy, anyone could do it” Welcome to AquaMobile’s Athlete Spotlight! In this issue we got a chance to interview Nikolina, a young highly competitive Water polo […]

Top 5 Swimming Holes near Toronto

As the summer comes to a close, kids are dreading their return to the classroom while their parents rejoice. Normally, back to school season is associate with pumpkin spiced lattes, cozy sweaters and fun new stationary. However, this year, August isn’t giving up on summer and neither should we! Canadians have still been blessed with beach […]

Should Humans be Swimming with Dolphins?

Swimming with Dolphins has been a popular tourist excursion in the Caribbean for decades. Dolphins are the animal closest to humans in terms of intelligence with the unique ability to pass on traditions through generations. While they are remarkable mammals, federal officials are making the case that we should not be using them for our own entertainment. […]

3 Tips When Swimming with Sharks

If you love an adrenaline rush, then swimming with sharks needs to be on your bucket list. While this is an activity for the brave of heart, there are some things you should keep in mind to stay safe while being circled by one of the most majestic creatures on earth. Here are three things you should do before swimming with […]

Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Our planet is an amazing place, filled with beautiful beaches. Some of the best beaches provide breathtaking sunsets and crystal clear water. AquaMobile wants you to get out and see the world with our list of the top 5 beautiful beaches on earth: Barnes Bay, Angulla On the northern tip of the Leeward Islands in […]

How to Maintain Clean Beaches and Prevent Beach Pollution

Beaches are the perfect destination on a hot day, but the amount of beach pollution and blatant disregard for the environment is cause for concern. It’s important to take steps to maintain clean beaches and protect them to ensure they’re healthy, not just for us, but for the wildlife that exists in these habitats. Next time you head to […]

Barton Springs Pool: The Soul of Austin

Three years into the Texas secession from Mexico, the Republic’s leaders sought a new town to be the seat of government for their young nation. Mirabeau B. Lamar, the 2nd President of Texas, had an obsession with Barton Springs and the green space’s cold water creek that ran through a small frontier town called Waterloo. […]

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