Spread some cheer this holiday season with fun and exciting water-themed crafts from AquaMobile! Most of the materials can be found around the house or at local arts and crafts stores, Walmarts and dollar stores. Let’s get started!

Holiday Crafts: Bubble Wrapping Paper

Hand-made wrapping paper for gifts can hold special meaning for parents and children. Try out our bubble wrapping paper craft to make everyone’s presents “bubble under the tree!” Use this technique year-round to spruce up any stationery, cards or paper products.

Materials you will need: washable kids paint, bubble solution, baking dish, baking sheet, straws, white butcher paper

1. Prepare your working area. Cover the area that you will be using with newspaper. Place the baking sheet on top of the newspaper, and the baking dish on top of that. This way, you will be minimizing the chance of getting paint on any surrounding areas.

2. Pour half an inch of bubble solution into the baking dish. Add 2-3 tablespoons of paint to the bubble solution in the dish and mix.

3. Tilt the dish slightly to form a pool of bubble solution, and blow bubbles using straws. It is important to supervise little ones at this step to avoid ingestion.

4. Let the creativity begin! Place paper on top of bubbles. You can layer them, use different colour mixtures, or add paint to existing mixtures for darker bubbles.

5. Once dry, you’re ready to wrap your presents!

Christmas Crafts AquaMobile Bubbly Wrapping Paper
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Holiday Crafts: Snow Globe With an Aquatic Twist!

Snow globes holding snowy scenery and frosty snowmen have always been seasonal classics. Looking for a new look? We have the aquatic craft for you!

Materials you will need mason jars or any reused plastic/glass jars, sea animal figures, decorative plants, pebbles or stones, blue glitter and shiny white beads, blue food colouring, water, glycerin (form a local pharmacy), multi-purpose sealant or hot glue, a large bowl.

AquaMobile Christmas Crafts Snow Globe
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1. Have your little one choose the sea animals, pebbles and stones they would like to put into their aquarium. Place them inside the jar. Then add some beads, glitter and a few drops of glycerin. The glycerin will help the glitter flow slower in the water. (Tip: assist little ones with adding glitter to avoid a sparkly mess)!

AquaMobile Christmas Crafts Snow Globe

2. If the jar is big enough, add a decorative plant. If so, attach the plant to the jar lid using sealant, hot glue or super glue.

AquaMobile Christmas Crafts Snow Globe

3. Mix water and 1 drop of blue food colouring in the bowl. Only a small amount of food colouring is necessary to get the desired effect.

AquaMobile Christmas Crafts Snow Globe

4. Fill the mason jar to the brim to avoid any excess air bubbles. Don’t turn it over yet! Seal the lid using a multi-purpose sealant and let dry.

5. Turn over your aqua globe and watch it come to life!

Aquatic Themed Snow Globe Aquamobile Christmas Crafts

Holiday Crafts: A Unique Ornament For Your Tree

Creating holiday crafts is a seasonal tradition for many families. Try out making some aquarium-themed ornaments to change things up! These are sure to brighten your little swimmer’s holiday break and the family Christmas tree.

Materials you will need a clear glass or plastic ornaments, pebbles beads/decorative rocks, small fish toys, thin sewing string or a clear fishing line. 

(Tip: substitute any sea animal or fish or create your own foam creature shapes!).

1. Choose the contents of your ornament! Have pebbles or beads for the aquarium floor and a sea animal to swim inside on hand.

2. Remove the top of the ornament. Little ones will need assistance, especially with glass ornaments.

3. Fill the ornament with chosen materials. Start with pebbles. Then attach the thread or fishing line to the fish and string it through the top of the ornament. Tie it to the connecting string wire that helps seal the ornament. This step might be tricky for some kids. Help might be needed.

4. Take a long piece of fishing line or string, create a hanging loop for your ornament attached to the cap.

5. Your aqua-themed Christmas ornament is ready to be hung up on the tree!

We hope you enjoyed our holiday crafts! Do you have any fun craft ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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