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5 Ways to Make Swimming Lessons for Kids Fun

Learning to swim is a repetitive process. It requires a lot of discipline and willpower to commit to the same swimming lessons day after day. Young children often thrive in environments with clear expectations, and can really get into swimming when they know exactly what they should be doing. Still, it’s always good to include water sports, swimming aids, […]

How to Choose the Best Swim Cap for Your Needs

When training to swim, it is important to wear a swim cap! But with the number of options on the market, choosing a swim cap can be hard. Don’t worry, we’re going to help you learn how to choose the best swim cap for your needs!     Swim caps are an important part of swimwear […]

7 Bath Time Activities to Condition Your Baby for the Water

Babies come into the world without a fear of water. They typically lose their innate sense of fearlessness towards water around the 12 month mark. Prepare your baby for swimming lessons using these bath time activities to get them comfortable in the water. Although children as young as 3 months old can be in the […]

Swimming Lessons in Educational Curriculum Across the World

We’re a land of water lovers. From pools in our private homes to nearby community centers, many of us love living near bodies of water for easy access to swimming, fishing and a variety of water sports. And although it’s easy for us to focus on the fun aspects of spending time in the water, […]

Best Gifts for Swimmers

It’s December, which means family time and the season for showing our appreciation through gift-giving. Are you still compiling a great gift list this holiday season? Want to buy the best gifts that are both functional and meaningful? Here is AquaMobile’s list of best gifts for swimmers in your family! GoPro Camera: $400-500 – Treat everyone in the […]

How to Protect Skin, Hair, and Swim Gear from Pool Chemicals

If you’re in the swimming pool a lot, the chlorine, bromine, salt and other chemicals can be very harsh on your skin, hair, and swim gear. Repeated exposure to pool water starts to break down the materials of your swim gear and also depletes your skin and hair of its natural oils. For those with […]

Steps for Learning How to Dive

Learning how to dive can be challenging! It involves a head-first entry into the pool which can be intimidating for new swimmers, but with a little practice anyone can master the basic dive! Diving is fun, effective and exhilarating, whether it be for leisure or competitive swimming. Here are AquaMobile Swim School’s steps for learning how […]

Drowning Prevention: 11 Pool Safety Tips

To prevent drowning should be your number one priority if you own a home pool or are often around water swimming. Water safety is an important matter in any home, especially if you have a toddler or a young child. Swimming pools are fun to play in, but they can also be deadly. Instances of […]

Open Water Swimming Safety Tips

There is something exhilarating yet relaxing about swimming in a lake or an ocean with so much space and nature surrounding you. However, swimming in open water is more difficult and dangerous than in a pool. It’s crucial for you to acquaint yourself with open water swimming safety as there are many potential dangers. There could […]

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