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Open Water Swimming Safety Tips

There is something exhilarating yet relaxing about swimming in a lake or an ocean with so much space and nature surrounding you. However, swimming in open water is more difficult and dangerous than in a pool. It’s crucial for you to acquaint yourself with open water swimming safety as there are many potential dangers. There could […]

How To Choose the Best Swim Instructor for your Family

When starting swimming lessons, it is important to know that your swim instructor is the best possible choice for you or your children. Many people are unsure of how to choose the best swim instructor, so we’ve compiled a list of what to look for to help you make the right decision.   Here are AquaMobile’s tips […]

Fear of Open Water Swimming: How to Overcome It

What is Open Water Swim Anxiety? Fear of open water swimming is the same as open water swim anxiety. Open water swim anxiety is characterized as the fear of swimming in lakes, oceans, and other open bodies of water. It is especially common for athletes competing in open water races. It presents with the same […]

Swimming Lessons for Children with Disabilities

Effectively Teaching Swimming Lessons to Children with Disabilities: An Interview with AquaMobile Swim School instructor Catherine Lau   Catherine Lau is a Certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor for AquaMobile Swim School. Catherine has over 7 years of specialized experience teaching people who have physical or developmental disabilities learn how to swim. She is currently working […]

5 Fun Pool Games for Your Family

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to enjoy the warm temperatures with some fun pool games! Whether it’s in your backyard, a community centre or resort, a pool is the perfect playground for you and your family to stay active during those lazy summer days. To give you a head start in […]

Best Swimsuit Material for Swimming Lessons

Now that the swim season is right around the corner, it is important to make sure that the swimsuits worn are durable and comfortable. When choosing the best swimsuit for swimming lessons the material of the suit is the most important factor for finding a swimsuit that will hold it’s shape, remain comfortable, and last […]

Low Impact Swimming Workouts

Several weeks ago I ruptured my ACL (anterior crucial ligament) in my left knee while playing co-ed soccer and as someone who has never had a major injury, it’s been an eye opening experience – the simple act of walking suddenly became a painful struggle for me.  Thankfully the water provides relief for me as […]

Fear of Water: How to Overcome It

Swimming is a great full body workout: it reduces stress, strengthens your lungs, and increases flexibility. Sometimes, swimming can be an intimidating sport. Especially when you have a fear of water that you need to overcome. Feelings of nervousness are very common among adults who are new to the world of swimming. You can enjoy […]

Choosing the Best Swimming Goggles for You

Choosing the right goggles can make the difference between a relaxing, enjoyable swim and a painful, uncomfortable experience. Here are our tips on choosing the best swimming goggles for you:     Before we get into the best swimming goggles we need to go over:   Types of Goggles Gasket Goggles are the most commonly […]

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