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Fear of Water: How to Overcome It

Swimming is a great full body workout: it reduces stress, strengthens your lungs, and increases flexibility. Sometimes, swimming can be an intimidating sport. Especially when you have a fear of water that you need to overcome. Feelings of nervousness are very common among adults who are new to the world of swimming. You can enjoy […]

Choosing the Best Swimming Goggles for You

Choosing the right goggles can make the difference between a relaxing, enjoyable swim and a painful, uncomfortable experience. Here are our tips on choosing the best swimming goggles for you:     Before we get into the best swimming goggles we need to go over:   Types of Goggles Gasket Goggles are the most commonly […]

The Truth About Water Wings: Are Water Wings Dangerous?

Prior to children starting lessons with us, we have quite a few parents tell us that their children are currently good little swimmers when using water wings or other “floaties”. Parents are shocked to find out why children shouldn’t use water wings. Staying safe takes knowledge and forethought. Whether it is a day at the beach, […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Booking Swim Lessons

frequently asked questions, frequently asked questions about swimming lessons, book a swim lesson

With the weather heating up and summer registrations well under way, we thought this would be a good time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that our current and prospective clients ask when enrolling in swimming classes. Q: How frequently should I book swimming lessons for my children? A: Most students thrive […]

How Well Can You Keep Kids Safe Around Water?

As a loving parent or a dedicated caregiver, you go to great lengths to ensure that your children are safe and receive the best care possible. But do you have the necessary skills to keep kids safe around water? Whether it’s your own home pool, the lake, or a community center pool, it is important […]

Pool Party Ideas: 7 Tips for Throwing a Great Pool Party

On a hot summer’s day when the sun is shining, there’s only one type of party on kids’ minds – a pool party! However without proper precautions, a pool party may not turn out to be the slam-dunk you anticipated. Don’t worry, we’re going to share some pool party ideas and some tips on throwing […]

Children’s Swimming Lessons: 6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Them

Getting the most out of your children’s swimming lessons is important. One way to ensure this is to make sure your child is in a comfortable environment, like your own home! Having lessons at your own home pool, not only facilitates your child’s comfort and confidence, but provides control over the environment. Below are some […]

8 Benefits of Swimming: Did You Know This?

Exercise is a great form of self-care, even though at times it may seem daunting or impossible to schedule the time to work out. Exercise maintains various body systems while keeping us energized, balanced and stress-free. Whether or not you’re a runner, hiker or biker, you should consider adding swimming daily routine. After all, the […]

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