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How to: Supervise Your Kids While They Swim

Now that summer time is upon us we have more time to spend at the pool, beach, or lake. While swimming is a great way to exercise and have fun, it’s important to always remember that water safety should be a priority for everyone. When a lifeguard isn’t present it’s up to adults, whether parents […]

5 Helpful Beach Hacks For Your Next Trip!

What’s better than a fun day at the beach? We all love laying out in the sun and playing in the water, but it can get a little messy. We’ve been there before, everything is soaking and covered in sand at the end of the day. You’ll never have to worry about those things again. […]

Best Places to Swim in Los Angeles

With year-round sun and surf weather, California is the perfect place to get some much needed R&R. One area in particular boasts some of the best attractions and beaches that California has to offer- Los Angeles. From the coastlines of Malibu to the docks of Redondo, the beaches are plenty! If you’re looking for a more […]

Pool Hacks: 5 DIY Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

As a pool owners, we all know the basics of maintaining it- skimming regularly, vacuuming, maintaining pH levels, and changing filters. We also know that if cleaning it was as fun as swimming in it, we’d do it more often. Don’t fret, here at AquaMobile we have the pool hacks that will save you time […]

Best Water Parks In North America

Can you believe it? It’s already the last month of summer vacation! Before you remind your kids that they’ll be going back to class in a couple weeks, plan a final summer send off. What better way to do that than to take them to a water park! Splash around, ride down some slides, and catch […]

What You Need To Know About Dry Drowning

When children are playing in the water, safety is the number one priority for parents. They keep a close eye on them, ensure that there’s a professional lifeguard on scene, and make sure their children have a partner with them at all times when they’re in the water. All of these precautions are made to prevent […]

How To Choose The Best Swim Diapers For Your Baby

If your little one wants to take a dip in the pool, but isn’t potty trained yet they’ll need a swim diaper. Regular diapers won’t work well in the water because of their absorbent materials. Once it hits the water the diaper becomes unusable, saggy,  heavy for the baby, and a total mess! Swim diapers […]

Sail Safe This Summer!: Boat Safety Tips (Infographic)

There’s nothing better than taking the boat out and sailing the water on a beautiful summer day. Whether you’re fishing on the lake or sailing on the sea, it’s important to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Every year there are thousands of boating related accidents in North America. The US Coast Guard counted 4,158 boating […]

Protect Your Skin This Summer! (Infographic)

Whether you’re at the beach, pool, or a BBQ you’ll be definitely be spending time in the sun. While you’re soaking up those wonderful rays, remember to protect your skin! Statistics from www.skincancer.org say that people who use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily show 24 percent less skin aging than those who […]

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