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Travel With Kids – What to Pack For Your Next Vacation

Travel with kids can be extremely fun, but also challenging! What do you bring, what do you leave home? Here are some tips for traveling with kids and the ultimate packing list! Check out the weather before travel Before the packing begins, find out the weather for your vacation spot! Are you going to a tropical […]

Swim Safe: Family Beach Vacation Tips!

Are you planning on taking a family beach vacation this summer? Organizing a fun beach vacation for the whole family can be tricky, and even more hectic when a lot of swimming is involved. There always seems to be that one thing you told yourself to pack, but forgot to bring. Don’t worry! AquaMobile has a packing list […]

Find The Best Swim Instructor For Special Needs Children

Finding a swim instructor for special needs children and adults can be a long process. It can be even more difficult to find an instructor who is experienced enough to teach swimming to children who have special needs. It’s very important to choose someone who will fit all of your needs and is passionate about helping achieve your […]

Stretching for Swimmers: Which Stretches Are Important for Swimming?

Stretching is extremely important for swimmers. Swimming is an intensive workout that requires most of your body’s muscles to propel itself through the water.  Over-exertion raises the risk of injury, but your muscles are not properly stretched. Stretching provides release to the key muscle components swimming uses, that’s why its recommended that you hold each stretch for 30 […]

Benefits Of Learning to Swim For Special Needs Children

The benefits of learning to swim for special needs children are particularly beneficial because it can increase their confidence, boost physical activity, and teach them a live saving skill.   Increased Confidence It’s very exciting seeing a child learn a new skill and achieve their goals. Swimming can be a way for children experience something […]

5 Swimming Myths Debunked

Growing up, our parents were just trying to keep us safe when they said “don’t go in the pool until an hour after eating, or you will cramp up and drown!” Who were we to question an adult’s sound judgement?  Mom didn’t realize she was just continuing a cycle of misinformation. Maybe it’s because all these […]

Water Safety Training and Awareness Tips for Kids with Autism

Water safety training for people with autism is essential to prevent accidents. The best way to prevent drowning from occurring is to make sure that every child is provided with swimming lessons. It’s a fact that autism and water obsession go hand in hand. Meaning that those who are autistic are drawn and mesmerized by […]

5 of the Best Aquariums in North America

The ocean is the living, breathing heart of planet Earth. It hosts an enormous range of creatures and has served as a means of transportation, sustenance and adventure for all of man kind since the beginning of time. It covers a whopping 70% of the planet, and man kind has only been able to explore […]

How to Teach Autistic Children to Swim

Teaching an autistic child to swim can be a very tricky task. However, through consistency, patience, and a qualified swimming instruction, swimming can be used as a form of aquatic therapy. Making sure you always have properly trained instructors is key, especially for children who are autistic. According to the National Autism Association, between 2009 and […]

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