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How Long Should a Swim Lesson Be For Children?

Learning how to swim is a challenging yet rewarding part of a child’s life. They not only learn the fundamentals of swimming and exercise, but can build confidence and learn to accomplish goals at a young age. At AquaMobile we get a lot of questions about when their child should start learning how to swim and how […]

10 Safety Tips For Your Pool

Whether it’s your backyard pool, a family member’s, or the waterfront by your home, there are certain safety concerns that should always be taken into consideration. Let AquaMobile take you through some of the most important Safety Tips when it comes to your family and the water. Safety Tip 1: Never Leave Your Children Alone Near […]

7 Awesome Gift Ideas for Swimmers

When it comes to giving gifts during the holiday season, we all strive to give something personal and appreciated. Not sure what to give your little swimmer this season? Take a look through AquaMobile’s suggestions for some great gift ideas that are perfect for the water-lover in your life. We’re bringing together ideas that are […]

6 Savvy Swimming Tips

One of the best ways to keep active this holiday season is to swim! Amidst the Halloween loot, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas get-togethers, our health and fitness levels may begin to dip, but luckily swimming is a family activity that all can enjoy, whether for fitness or recreation. Here are a few must-know Swimming Tips from […]

Private Swim Lessons vs Group Swim Lessons

AquaMobile provides at-home private swim lessons for children and adults of all ages! Whether you are seeking lessons for your baby, for beginner swimmers, or for advanced swimming skills, AquaMobile provides lessons to meet your needs and personal goals. Benefits of Private Swim Lessons 1 Convenience for You AquaMobile lessons in your home pool saves you […]

3 Swimming Tips to Swim Faster

Competitive swimmers are always looking to break their personal record. However, finishing with a faster time takes more than just ‘pushing through the pain’. It requires precision mechanics as well as a level of mental focus that can only be achieved through practice and determination. Learn how to shave off seconds or even minutes from your race […]

The 4 Types of Learners: Know Your Learning Style

Know Your Style Knowing your learning style can help you find the best way to learn a new skill. The four most common learning styles are: visual, auditory, kinesthetic or reading/writing. Your learning style determines how you access information. Everyone learns best if they are able to experience a lesson in a way that makes sense to […]

Swimming Helps in Childhood Obesity Prevention

Childhood obesity is a health epidemic in the United States. In fact, this disposition has quadrupled in adolescents and has doubled in children the past 30 years, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The health risks of childhood obesity can be life altering. With over 12 million overweight children, this epidemic puts one third of America’s […]

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